Licencing agency

A brand is the result of consistent and systematic action. Brands involve considerable financial expenditure and constant management, and play an essential role in the positioning of a company in the market. A brand not only helps end consumers to recognise products, but – particularly in fashion – it also conveys a lifestyle.

Manufacturers of textiles and fashion who want to benefit from the many advantages of a brand can obtain a licence to this brand from the owner and the holder of the rights to that brand, and develop and sell products under that brand. In this way, the licensee benefits from the high degree of brand recognition, from low and easily quantifiable costs and from the marketing know-how of the brand owner and licensor. Likewise, the licensor has the opportunity, with attractive and appropriate licence concepts, to extend his own range of products and, in this way, to round off his world of brands and complete his lifestyle world. Synergy effects in sales can be utilised by both partners.

With a focus on the fashion industry, we will provide advice on the licence business and, in the capacity of an agent, support the licencing process. Based on our many years of expertise and a wide partner network, we always work towards win-win results, taking into account potential risks and the current development in trends in order to ensure that the result is a brand partnership on equal terms and fit for the future.

Licence management

Clients also have the option of outsourcing the licence management, including active control and support of the licence partners, to K&P Brand Concept.

Licencing areas

The focus of our activities is the marketing of licences relating to brands in the fashion, textile and lifestyle industries. Key licencing areas are:

  • Apparel, fashion
  • Shoes
  • Handbags, accessoires
  • Fragrances, personal care
  • Watches
  • Jewellery
  • Glasses, sunglasses
  • Furniture
  • Underwear, socks
  • Home textiles
  • Stationery, publishing products
  • Toys

Usually, licences are arranged that are classical wholesale licences; however, these days large retailers become licensees themselves with so-called Direct-To-Retail (DTR) licences.